Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eggshells as Hydrogen Fuel

  • Eggshells have calcium carbonate, which, when subjected to heat processing, becomes calcium oxide that absorbs acidic gases such as carbon dioxide.
  • The water-gas-shift reaction gasifies fossil fuels to produce carbon monoxide that combines with water to ultimately produce hydrogen and carbon dioxide.
Calcium carbonate is one of the nature's most absorbent materials, which makes it the most effective carbon dioxide absorber ever tested so far.

Making eggshells into hydrogen fuel can be another source for an alternative fuel in the future. These eggshells may not be enough to produce hydrogen for the whole country but at east, it can be a useful organic waste better than dumping in landfills.


Engineered Eggshells To Help Make Hydrogen Fuel.
Eggshells Found Instrumental in Producing Hydrogen Fuel.
Chicken Eggshells Make Hydrogen Fuel.

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  1. hey...i didn't ever know that eggshells contain calcium carbonate which can further be used to produce hydrogen fuel..hr8 post revealing valuable information about a new way of saving our non-renewable resources.