Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is it true that shaving makes hair grow thicker?

Shaving does not mean growing your hair thicker..The thickness and length of hair on your body mainly depends on genetics and hormones. Hair that has never been shaved has a tapered or beveled edge. When you shave, you remove the thin tapered tip of the hair and leave only the thicker middle portion protruding from the skin surface. So when it grows back, it does not only feel stiffer than before, it looks thicker, too.

Shaving does not wake up dormant hair follicles to produce hair. By the time your hair grows longer, it will feel thinner and softer again.

Hair may also look darker after shaving. Most hair is lighter at the end that it is at the root. So when you shave off that lighter end, you are left with the darker coloration that was always there at the root, giving the hair a darker look as it grows.


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  2. thank God, I'm a man I dont need to shave

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