Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What is that screechy sound produced when a cellphone is placed near a radio?

The loud static heard from the computer's speakers everytime the phone would receive a message or a call is due to electromagnetic interference or EMI. This is what happens when radio waves emitted by one device cause undesirable behavior in another. Thus, placing a cell phone near a computer may create network interference and a screechy sound or noise is often heard from the cell phone when it's trying to transmit or receive a signal.


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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cause of Hearing Loss

Sometimes, we may experience that some of our friends didn't hear us at all while talking to them. Maybe because they are experiencing hearing loss and according to my research, here are some of the causes why this problem occur.

There are a variety of the causes of hearing loss. For instance, some medications cause irreversible damage to the ear. This includes overdose of aspirin and chemotherapy for cancer. These have been found to inhibit prestin's functions. Evidences have shown that many cases of high-frequency hearing loss are caused by defects in the cell's molecular machinery that involves prestin And genetic mutations that have been detected in the prestin found in humans are reported to be associated with deafness.

But what is Prestin?

Prestin can amplify sound in the ear by converting electrical voltage into motion but it can also work in reverse. Prestin can produce electrical charges from tiny vinrations. Each protein is capable of generating nanowatts of electricity but combining many will be enough to power small devices or charge a battery.


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