Thursday, May 14, 2009

Course Hero: The Social Learning Network

Do you have difficulty in understanding the lessons in school? Do you want to stay updated though being absent the whole day in class? Are you not able to finish studies because of financial instability?

An innovative way of learning was built online where students are talking about on the web. It is a social learning network known as Course Hero. Those who were not able to pursue their studies will have an opportunity to continue learning even outside the classroom. What is good thing about this site is, this is a place where students, teachers and self learners meet and discuss subject matters through cooperative learning or shall I say, another way of tutoring each other. UCSD University of California San Diego CSE 140 is one of the reference materials which will help you hit the mark. And if you still find it hard, you can find solutions in CSE 140 Homework Answer.

Course Hero is great in the sense that we learn at the same time making friends. This is open to those interested people. Signing up is free.

Learning is fun with Course Hero!

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