Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fresh pineapple chunks mixed with gelatin, is it possible?

Gelatin can be mixed with almost everything- whipped cream, vegetables, and fruits. But adding raw pineapple (or a few other tasty fruits) to it will be a kitchen disaster. Here's why.

Pineapples produce an enzyme powerful enough to tenderize meat. Known as bromelin, this pineapple enzyme stops stops the jelly from setting properly, because it breaks down the jelly's protein chains. The alternative is canned pineapples, since much of the enzymes have been processed already, rendering them inoperative. Any sort of cooking also denatures bromelin. So remember to cook the pineapple chunks first, before you mix them with your gelatin dessert.

Aside from pineapple, there are other fruits (fresh or frozen) that you can't add to gelatin. The list incudes kiwi, figs, mangoes, guava and papaya. These fruits have their unique set of enzymes, in the same way bromelin does, to keep gelatin from setting properly.


  1. This information is so cool! Scientific and practical at the same time.

  2. haha! pero there is such a thing as a pineapple-flavored gelatin. my mom used to make one when i was a kid... i wonder where the pineapple flavor came from... maybe it's synthetic...